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Our Team


Jesse Dias

Co-Founder & Director of Volunteer Management

Jesse is a member of the University of Calgary's Law school class of 2023. Jesse's interest in bettering the planet around him brought him together with Orest Ndabaneze who together Co-Founded the Jua School. 


Orest Ndabaneze

Co-Founder & Director of Community Relations

Orest's story is the inspiration for Jua. He is currently aiming to pursue a Masters degree in social work with a goal to improve community development in at-risk communities. 


Shelby Parkinson

Director of Development & Funding

A graduate from Mount Royal University's International Business program, Shelby's desire to improve the lives of people in financially vulnerable communities along with his connections to other members through soccer is what brought himself and Jua together.


Rohin Nazari

Director of Finance

Rohin comes from a developing country, which is one of the reasons he felt like he needed to be part of Jua's mission. He is passionate about learning, sports and building meaningful relationships. Rohin believes that creating a better future for the younger generation is the responsibility of everyone and this organization is a perfect way for him to help mold that future. 


Jessica Lortie

Director of Marketing & Communications

Jessica holds a Marketing Degree from the University of Calgary. She has experience with data analytics, digital marketing, and brand strategy through her work in the Commercial Real Estate industry. She volunteers with numerous Calgary non-profits focused on female economic empowerment and etho-cultural community advocacy. 


Jill Stewart

Director of Production

Jill is a successful real-estate agent here in Calgary. She is a biological mother to three children and a second mother of more kids than she can count, Jill's loving nature and compassion for helping children drew her into the Jua school as a project. 


Ryan Eriksen-Mckenzie

Director of Customer Experience

Ryan has a passion for education and working with vulnerable populations is what drew him to the Jua Team. He has spent the last 9 years working for Canada's largest non-profit health organization. He hopes to bring his skills and passion to the Jua foundation and help to create a stronger future for Burundi and beyond. 


Chris Pitman

Product Acquisition Specialist

Chris's history in Africa, his coffee farm and tireless work ehtic make him and interal part of the Jua team. His experience in the business world provides great value to our school. He is a successful member of the Royal Lepage Benchmark team and his dedication to his clients is widely recognized. 


Aurora Lumi

Director of Operations & Strategy

Born in Kosovo, Aurora came to Canada as a refugee in 1999. She holds a degree in Finance from the University of Calgary and works as a Growth Manager. Her passion for Jua stems from believing that all children should have access to education regardless of gender or socioeconmic status. 

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Kale Mah-Vierling

Director of Growth

Kale is a graduate from the University of Calgary’s Business School. He works for a Calgary-based fintech as the Growth, Analytics, & Economics Lead. His desire to leverage business acumen to drive positive change in the world is what drove him to Jua.


Vanessa Pitman

Product Acquisition Specialist

Vanessa's creativity, organization and history in Africa make her an invaluable member of the Jua team. Her desire to improve the lives of children in the poorest country in Africa brought her and Jua together.

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